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Welcome to Kalli's Popcorn Shop.  We've been crafting popcorn since 2003. Each batch of  our popcorn is hand crafted and prepared by our artisans to meet our strict standards.  Our goal is simple: Craft the most taste bud pleasing popcorn on the planet.  To the delight of many, we've accomplished our goal and nothing would please us more than to share some of our popcorn with you.  We're confident you'll agree: Kalli's is the best popcorn on the planet.


Each batch of our popcorn is made with all natural ingredients and hand crafted and prepared by our artisans to meet our strict standards, with the sole purpose of creating the perfect popcorn, for you.


This is our promise to you: We promise to fire-roast our popcorn without the use of any oils.  We promise to use all natural ingredients in our popcorn.  We promise to provide you fresh popcorn.


The Kalli Guarantee:  We are confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with the quality of Kalli’s Popcorn, if for any reason you are not, we will refund your money. We stand behind our product.

But why Kalli's?

Our Caramel

Our Cheese

Our White

Our Caramel:  We only use pure natural ingredients.  But what really separates our caramel popcorn from our competitors is what we don't use.  We never use white sugar.  Why is that a big deal?  Good question.  White sugar gives caramel popcorn an unappetizing burnt taste.  It may be easier  and cheaper to make caramel popcorn with white sugar, but at Kalli's Popcorn Shop our main concern is giving our customer the best tasting popcorn humanly possible; not making our job easy or cutting corners to save a few bucks.  Try our caramel and you will taste the difference.


Our Cheese:  We use real cheese.  Making our cheese popcorn is a slow process, but well worth the wait.  We've perfected our method of combining real cheese with freshly fire roasted popcorn.  We slowly melt real cheese in a temperature controlled copper vat and carefully stir in our fire roasted popcorn by hand.  It's science and art.


Our White:  We've gone through great lengths in picking the best popcorn kernels.  We always fire roast our popcorn, without the use of any oils, the result is a popcorn so light and fluffy it literally melts in your mouth.

Popcorn Gift Tins

Gift Tins filled with Kalli's Popcorn Goodness.  We have multiple sizes and wide selection of Popcorn Gift Tins to suite just about any occasion.



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